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The aim of every woman is to look beautiful and have a healthy skin. When wearing make-up there are many products that you should be aware of how to use and how to blend them with the other products to get the ultimate look. A toner is one product that women have begun to overlook nowadays. Before, toners used to be an integral component of a daily skin cleansing. The only reason why some women have kept it aside is that it has alcohol as the main ingredient and therefore some people complain of skin irritation. However, this should not discourage you because Dermalogica toners for the face do not contain alcohol as an active ingredient and they are designed with a healthy skin in mind. They contain natural products that are very smoothing to the skin. For this reason, they are the number one choice by professionals worldwide for skin care and beauty products. Apparently the only thing standing between you and your unhealthy, cracking skin or acne is only a toner. Adding one to your beauty products may be the beginning of a flawless skin. Using a facial toner should be a daily routine and if you don't use it you are really missing out on a great product. If you are going to use a facial toner it is very crucial that you get to know how to use one and also how to choose the best for your skin type.

Extra information about Dermalogica toners

How a toner takes care of your skin.

You might be wondering, so why exactly do you need a toner? What makes it unique? Here are some answers to your questions to explain why you need a Dermalogica toner in your daily cleansing regimen.

Shrinking pores on your skin. A toner will you an appearance of smaller pores once you apply. It removes all the oil on your face and unblocks the clogged pores leaving you fresh and smooth. You can use a soft pad or a cotton ball to apply your toner.

Balancing your skin Ph. Soap is of an alkaline nature therefore after cleansing the skin, the pH becomes unbalanced and the skin is disturbed. A toner helps to restore balance immediately.

Adding a protective layer to your skin. After cleansing, toners help in closing pores and tightening cell gaps to prevent penetration of impurities into the skin.

Refreshing and moisturizing the skin. Dermalogica toner contains extracts of arnica and cucumber, which are natural skin fresheners, to help condition skin. You can also use it when you are on the go and you have no time to wash your face. They are that cool!

When to apply a facial toner.

A facial toner is typically applied to the skin prior to moisturizing, but after cleansing the face. You can do this every morning and night to get the best results. Use a soft sponge or soft cotton piece to apply it on your face. Do not use a towel roughly on your face since you may get scratches .A toner will leave you revitalized for the day.

Effects of not using a toner would be

Aged skin characterized by wrinkles.

Dehydrated skin.


Dirty skin with a piled layer of dirt.